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Alcone Engineering is a product development company founded in 1996 to develop and sell products based on patents held by Jerry M. Alcone, Ph.D, Mechanical Engineering. The patents cover a wide range or applications including improved air filtration and induction systems, advanced suspension systems for automobiles, and advanced control and Adaptive Noise Cancellation (ANC) systems. Our products are made in America by high quality manufacturers.

Currently in development are:

  • Header studs for marine and block-hugging headers. These studs will allow us to expand our line to Mopar applications.
  • Cold air induction system for 87 - 95 GM light truck applications.
  • A new family of air cleaners that will span the full and compact sized GM pickups from 87 - 95
  • Air cleaners for the 6 inch diesel intake vehicles
  • Air cleaners for the 7-1/4 inch Dominator carburetor
(Note: New air cleaners will be offered in 14 inch and 16 inch diameter filter sizes.)

Being of sound mind and having finite resources we are developing the lowest cost products first. Since Jerry drives a '93 Chevrolet step-side, our automotive products are focused on the '87 to '95 full size General Motors, GM light trucks. Our current air cleaners do not fit the GM compact sized trucks. Our header bolt systems do fit these trucks. Our header bolt product line has recently expanded to include Ford and Mopar applications.

As the business develops we are bootstrapping the development of more expensive products such as active and semi-active suspension systems using adaptive control and advanced shock absorbers for automotive, motorcycle and bicycle applications.

AEI "white truck" on chassis dyno

The AEI "white truck" produced 171 rear wheel hp at 4250 rpm. Max torque was 260 ft-lbf at 3250 rpm.

The '93 AEI truck has its original 350 motor (115K miles). It is equipped with AEI air induction system, performance chip, 160 deg. thermostat, headers, 3 inch exhaust with high flow cat and muffler.

For direct comparison , a stock '93 350 truck with 50K miles produced 147hp at 4500 rpm.

Other comparisons (stock):

  • 99 Silverado, 5.3L
    170 hp and 222 ft-lbf of torque
  • 99 350 Tahoe
    178 hp at 5000 rpm
  • 96 350 Tahoe
    178 hp and 272 ft-lbf of torque
  • 95 350 PU
    153 hp and 222 ft-lbf of torque
  • 95 350 PU
    154 hp and 272 ft-lbf of torque

Other comparisons (modified):

  • 95 350 PU
    "other air induction system"
    performance chip
    160 deg. thermostat
    cat back exhaust
    ignition system
    164 hp and 263 ft-lbf of torque

The AEI system can make your 87-95 truck run like a '99!


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