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AC-01, AC-02
Racing performance air induction and
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Street performance air induction and
filter housings

Read these instructions through from start to finish before starting the actual installation.

Tools needed: pliers, possibly a straight bladed screwdriver

  1. Remove stock air cleaner housing by removing the wing nuts on its top and after loosing the flexible hose connectors to the exhaust manifold and the intake air silencer, then lift the air cleaner vertically to clear the two mounting studs. If the flexible hose connectors to the exhaust manifold and intake silencer (black cylinder about 8 inch in dia., mounted on the passenger fender well) prove difficult, use a screw driver to pry them loose. Usually they can be twisted loose with your hands. Save the stock air cleaner.
  2. Remove and save the flexible hose connectors from the exhaust manifold and from the intake silencer.
  3. Remove the air cleaner mounting stud(s) from the throttle body (they are about 10 inches long, sticking up vertically from the throttle body, i.e. the same stud(s) from which you removed the wing nuts. Note where they thread into the throttle body (a half inch behind its longitudinal center line). You may be able to remove the studs with your hands, I find it easier to use the pliers on the unthreaded portion of the stud. Save the stock studs.
  4. Save all of the above parts in case you want to return the vehicle to its original configuration.
  5. Install the threaded rod(s) furnished with the Alcone Engineering air induction and filtration housing in place of the factory mounting studs you just removed. Finger tight is good enough, but you can use the pliers to tighten, just stay away from the ends that thread into the throttle body or the wing nuts.
  6. Place the base of the Alcone Engineering air induction and filtration housing on the throttle body, aligning the holes in the turning vane with the two mounting studs.
  7. Place the filter element on the air induction and filtration housing base taking care to center it (check that the base extends beyond the element equally all around).
  8. Place the top of the air induction and filtration housing on top of the filter element, aligning the two holes in the top with the mounting studs.
  9. Complete the installation by installing and tightening the wing nuts on the mounting studs, finger tight is fine.

The installation is now complete. Note for increased access to the engine you may want to remove (but save) the air intake silencer.

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