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Racing Performance Air Induction and Filtration Housing

AC-01, AC-02
Racing performance
air induction and
filtration housings

The First and Only Air Induction and Filter Housings Designed for '87-'95 Full Size GM Light Trucks Equipped with V-8 or V-6 TBI motors.

The cheapest horsepower you can buy!

Refer to the above image to see a component "blow up" of the racing performance air induction and filtration system and a photo of a typical racing performance installation. The air induction and filtration housings are made of spun aluminum and have a "brush" finish.


Factory air cleaners for Throttle Body Injection (TBI) intake systems exhibit large static pressure drops between the ambient air and the inlet to the TBI. The pressure drop in the air filtration system is caused by the:

  • Small size of the filter element flow area (driven by height and outside diameter of the annular ring shaped filter element), which causes high velocity air flow through the filter element.
  • Flow resistance of the ducts, silencers, and inlet horn that feed the inlet air into the filter-housing, note: factory components are often purposely undersized to limit horsepower of engine. The Alcone system is noisy, it recaptures the "moan" of a big 4 barrel carburetor.
  • Flow resistance and turbulence within the filter housing caused by the need to turn the flow 90 DEG from horizontal to vertical in order that it may enter the intake system and the need to accelerate the air flow from a low velocity at the relatively large outer surface of the filter to a higher velocity at the inlet to the TBI.
  • Turbulence and change of direction losses within the TBI caused by the air flow entering its intake in a swirling or turbulent manner.
  • Uneven flow distribution caused by the factory air horn, which focuses the inlet air over a very small area on one side of the TBI.

The Alcone Engineering air induction and filtration system addresses each of these issues.

  • A taller, larger diameter filter element is provided to increase the cross sectional area of the filter thereby reducing the flow velocity through the filter element. The larger filter area and lower flow velocity reduces the pressure drop through the filter and improves filtration since the air stays within the filter for a longer time.
  • Ducts, silencers and inlet horn are eliminated, in favor of 360-degree inlet of the air thereby ensuring an even distribution of airflow over the entire TBI inlet area.
  • Turning vane and guiding surfaces are provided within the housing to direct the inlet air with minimal frictional losses and turbulence.
  • The housing is configured to provide a maximum velocity stack height (as practical within hood to TBI inlet flange clearance restrictions) giving the flow time to straighten and stabilize prior to entering the TBI or carburetor.

Both single (center) and dual mounting stud configurations of the Alcone Engineering Inc. air induction and filter system are available so that all GM light truck models that utilize the GM TBI intake system can be accommodated.

Based on fuel consumption on several trips between Albuquerque and Las Vegas, Nevada at an average speed of 80 mph the average improvement in fuel consumption was 1.88 mpg using the AEI air cleaner and the cold air induction system over the factory induction system.

Based on 13 runs from 60 to 80 mph using the factory induction system and the AEI air cleaner and the cold air induction system, the average improvement in elapsed time was .78 seconds.

Test vehicle : '93 Chevy, 350 motor automatic with Jet Performance 6Pac chip, Mesa headers, Random Cat, 3 inch exhaust, AEI air cleaner and cold air induction system.

AEI Performance Chart

Flow tests were performed with housing installed on a 760 Holley carburetor

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